Ride Overview

The Mt. St. Helens and Mt Adams Backcountry is located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Southwest Washington State and is one of the most remote regions in the Cascade Mountain Range.  We like to spend at least 4 – 5 days in here so we can capture a majority of the best trails within the region and also have the opportunity to enjoy swimming in the Lakes, standup paddle boarding, fishing and relaxation on the river side banks with a cold beers in hand.  This region takes and effort to get into, with the nearest town is 1 hour from our campground, it’s worth staying longer so we can capture everything this forest has to offer.

On the Mt St Helens side, you’ll be entering an area left dormant for years, recently re-opened and full of endless backcountry single-track.  You’ll be riding within the 1980 Mt St Helens Blast zone where you’ll still find remnants of the historic blast that blew 1,300’ off the top and absolutely desecrated the surrounding environment for decades.   We’re lucky to be riding here, as there is limited access to this area and a short window to ride.  Expect huge views of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier as we explore this incredibly unique volcanic rainforest.

The Mt Adams side of the forest has motorized access, so the dynamic of the trails changes.  Slightly more rugged, you get more technicality from the exposed roots, natural berms and robust amount of organics churned up into the perfect mix of soil and plant matter… it’s the mountain bikers powder day.

We get to experience the Alpine on a couple of our rides, providing exceptional views of the surrounding area and a chance for us to put into perspective the region we are exploring. All that work to get up isn’t without reward, the descents here are huge.  All these trails lead down from ridge line to valley floor on what seems to be endlessly long single track runs.

We end each day at camp, with our own Chef cooking us some of the best food we’ll eat all year.  Family style dinners, drinks and a bunch of games and toys to get in trouble with… there’s a lot to do back at camp post ride.  This adventure is a chance to escape from connection, detach from the devices and spend some time in the woods with your friends.  It’s a nice break and we invite you out anytime on this epic PNW Adventure!


Distance (per day)

Ascent: 3,500’
Decent: 5,000’
Estimated Mileage: 20 Miles

We discuss each day’s ride together, and we have the ability to adjust our rides based on how the group is feeling.  

5 Day Trip Includes:
    • Professionally guided tour of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest
    • Shuttles and Airport Transportation
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner prepared by personal chef
    • Tent and Sleeping Pad
    • CLIF Bar Trail Snacks
    • Beer, Cocktails, Wine, Lacroix and other tasty beverages
    • Campfires, Chairs, Games
    • Hot Showers
Trip Date:
Your Choice
*Group Discounts Available
5 Day Guided Tour


/ per person
4 Person Minimum
4 Day Guided Tour


/ per person
4 Person Minimum

MSR Tent with Sleeping Pad

We supply you with a two person MSR tent and Thermarest camping pad.  Campground fees included.  Van/RV Glamping welcomed.  You’ll still need to bring a sleeping bag rated for below freezing and your pillow.

Canvas Tent with Full Size Bed

For those who want hotel amenities in the backcountry.  Your tent comes fully furnished with a full size bed with a memory foam mattress, a nightstand, personal lighting and your own little room to get away.  We require a minimum of 6 to make this work and the upgrade is $1000 per person.

Food and Drinks

We partner with a number of Oregon’s Top Chefs to provide you with an incredible culinary experience throughout your trip.  Carnivorous , Vegetarian and Vegan menus are available.  Each morning you’ll wake up to a hot or cold breakfast of your choice.  Lunch and Snacks are prepared for you to take on your ride each day.  After a good day of riding the bike, we’ll sit down by the table to eat a well prepared meal with each other.  The menu also includes beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages to quench your thirst.  We want to get this right, so please let us know what you’d like to see so we can make it happen.  

Sample Menu

Coffee and Tea
Cold: Yogurt, Assorted Fruit, Granola
Hot: Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes, Fruit

Sandwiches, Cookies, Snacks, Fruit

Appetizer, Main Course, Salad, sides and desert. This is a collaborative menu, so if anyone in your group has eating preferences, make sure we know about them so we can accommodate.


Shuttle Departs: TBD

Shuttle Location: TBD

Randle, WA

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Our History

With Mt. St. Helens

This was a huge project during the summer of 2018.  Over 3000 hours of volunteer labor that uncovered 52 miles of newly logged out and brushed out backcountry singletrack.  Our friends at Santa Cruz Bicycles come up at least once a year to attend a 4 day work party to help the cause and throw a shovel in the dirt.  They wrote about their experience attending this year’s work party along with some great photos that highlight the area.  Click here for the full details.