Ride Overview

This is one of our favorite 3 day trips of the year.  Oakridge!  This is where it all started for us.  We first explored this area in 2007, just dipping that toe in to find a huge network of some of the world’s best mountain bike trails.  This 3 day weekend is our version of the three best days of riding in the Oakridge area and a revisit of three grand days of the Trans-Cascadia Mountain Bike Race.   Our first day will include a proper exploration of the Lake Timpanogas complex.  This area has two high alpine lakes, and some incredible riding that’s only open from late August to early October.  We’ll have time to swim, fish, stand up paddle board and just relax. We’ll continue our riding on Day two where we’ll explore the remainder of the Timpanogas complex and then make our way down the upper Middle Fork and end our day on one of the biggest descents in the Willamette, Moon Point.  On day Three we’ll head back into Oakridge proper where we’ll Shuttle, ALL Day Long.  We’ll accumulate a solid 10K of descending and squeeze every last bit of riding out of our weekend.  We’ll end our day at Jeff Lee’s Chinese Cuisine for a solid meal of the best Chinese food you’ve ever had.  While you’re here, check out our About Oakridge section below for places to see while in town.

Distance (per day)

Ascent: 3,500’
Decent: 6,000’
Estimated Mileage: 20 + Miles

Day Trip Includes:
  • Professionally guided tour of remote single track
  • Shuttles and Transportation
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided each day by a personal chef
  • MSR Tent and Thermarest Sleeping Pad
  • Beer, Cocktails, Wine, Lacroix and other tasty non-alcoholic beverages
  • Campfires
  • Hot Showers
By Appointment
Groups Discounts available for 8 or More
3 Day Minimum

$400 Per Person / Per Day

per person
12 Person Max

MSR Tent with Sleeping Pad

We supply you with a two person MSR tent and Thermarest camping pad.  Campground fees included.  Van/RV Glamping welcomed.  You’ll still need to bring a sleeping bag rated for below freezing and your pillow.

Canvas Tent with Full Size Bed

For those who want hotel amenities in the backcountry.  Your tent comes fully furnished with a full size bed with a memory foam mattress, a nightstand, personal lighting and your own little room to get away.  We require a minimum of 6 to make this work and the upgrade is $1000 per person.

Food and Drinks

We partner with a number of Oregon’s Top Chefs to provide you with an incredible culinary experience throughout your trip.  Carnivorous , Vegetarian and Vegan menus are available.  Each morning you’ll wake up to a hot or cold breakfast of your choice.  Lunch and Snacks are prepared for you to take on your ride each day.  After a good day of riding the bike, we’ll sit down by the table to eat a well prepared meal with each other.  The menu also includes beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages to quench your thirst.  We want to get this right, so please let us know what you’d like to see so we can make it happen.  

Sample Menu

Coffee and Tea
Cold: Yogurt, Assorted Fruit, Granola
Hot: Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes, Fruit

Sandwiches, Cookies, Snacks, Fruit

Appetizer, Main Course, Salad, sides and desert. This is a collaborative menu, so if anyone in your group has eating preferences, make sure we know about them so we can accommodate.


Meeting Spot: Rays Food Place

Shuttle Departure: 9:00 AM

Oakridge, OR

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About Oakridge


Lees Chinese Cuisine

Brewers Union


West Fir Lodge

Tired Dog Ranch


Oakridge Bike Shop and Willamette Mountain Mercantile

Advocacy: Those who do the work

GOATS – Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards

ATCA – Alpine Trail Crew Association

DOD – Deciples of Dirt

OTT – Oregon Timber Trail