Ride Overview

The Trans-Cascadia Excursion is an extension of the Trans-Cascadia Backcountry Mountain Bike Race, but without the racing.  Experience all of the great things that Trans-Cascadia has to offer along with 14 other riders in August, on a private all-inclusive mountain bike adventure in the Cascade Mountain Range.  We keep the format blind, in other words you’re along for the ride,  as you’re guided through 5 days and 5 nights of backcountry adventure, camping and riding in some of the most remote areas of Oregon.  Your trip includes a private chef, preparing the menu of your choice using the best ingredients from the PNW.  We take our food and beer seriously, that’s why we focus on using the best ingredients from our region.  We partner with Stumptown Coffee and Pfriem beer so your mornings start off right and your evenings end well.  We prefer to camp remotely so we can enjoy the depth of nature, but understand it’s nice to sleep in clean sheets or in your own van/camper.  It’s your choice, feel free to upgrade to a hotel or bring your camping set up so you feel at home.  We’re offering only one Trans-Cascadia Excursion this year, so sign up now to guarantee your spot on one of the best rides in the Pacific Northwest.


Distance (total trip)

Ascent: 16,000’
Decent: 24,000’

Trip Includes:
  • Private Chef
  • Tents and sleeping pads in beautiful remote locations
  • Professionally guided tour of remote single track
  • Shuttles
  • What we think is a pretty good time riding your bike in the woods
  • CLIF Bar Trail Snacks
August 22nd – 27th , 2019
5 Days / 5 Nights


per person

Recommended Packing List

Bring Your Van:
$100 Per Day/Hired Driver

When / Where:

Wednesday, August 22nd at 10AM
Where: Belknap Hot Springs
Address: 59296 N Belknap Springs Rd., McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413

Essential Gear:
  • Headlight or Flashlight

  • Towel

  • Sleeping Bag rated for below freezing 

  • Camping Pillow

  • Swim Suit

  • Remember those Cable Hangers and any proprietary bits for your bike to keep you running.

  • 5 Days of Riding Kits 

  • Waterproof Riding Gear – Head to toe

  • Warm Jacket and clothing for at Night

Timpanogas, OR

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