Ride Overview

Bellingham, the Whistler of North America. If you’ve found yourself on this page, consider a job well done. This town and this area of riding offers some of the most progressive trail building in the United States. Nestled right by the San Juan Island Chain, you have a maritime climate and a unique blend of regional soils that provide an incredible quality of dirt and trail excellence. Over our 4 days of riding, we’ll sample the finest riding Bellingham has to offer. 4 days of riding you’d only get by living there for a decade. We can ride anything from family friendly green trails, to the most black diamond of the black diamonds. On top of all the great riding, we have a town we can connect with in the evenings for dinner and beers. We also have the option to charter a Boat for fishing, island hopping or booze cruising. We’ve got a great itinerary we can create for you and your group, so let’s have a chat and set up your next MTB trip to Bellingham, WA.

By Appointment
4 Day Ride


per rider
(6 Person Minimum)



Ascent: 3,500’
Decent: 6,000’
Estimated Mileage: 20 Miles

We discuss each day’s ride together, and we have the ability to adjust our rides based on how the group is feeling.

Your Trip Includes:

  • A Mountain Bike Adventure and Custom Ride Itinerary Built for your group
  • Hosted By Professional/Local Guides
  • Shuttles and Airport Transportation
  • A Collaborative Menu Prepared by Your Chef – All Meals Included
  • Tent and Sleeping Pad – Unites States Forest Service Fees Included
  • Beer, Cocktails, Wine, Lacroix and other tasty beverages
  • Campfires, Chairs and a whole bunch of Camp Games
  • Hot Showers

Meeting Spot

Bellingham, WA
Shuttle Departure Location : TBD
Shuttle Departure Time : TBD
Please arrive 15 minutes early.



All of our multi-day private trips include full service so you can just focus on the ride.


Our guides are all professional riders, certified in First Aid/CPR, and outfitted with Satellite communication. They’re also just fun people to be around, they make a good cocktail and will show you some of the best damn trails you’ve ever ridden.


We’ll arrange plans to pick you up from the airport and drop you off. We’ll also take care of all transportation in between. All you need to do is make it to the airport, all logistics otherwise are handled by us.


We supply each rider with their own roomy MSR tent and Thermarest sleeping pad. Bring your sleeping bag and a pillow and we’ll dial the rest in.


We have an on demand hot water shower we set up for each tour. We also camp by pristine natural bodies of water, so depending on the weather, the nearby lake or river may be the way to go. Regardless, we’ll make sure you have a place to clean up each day.

Trans Cascadia Mountain Bike Excursions


We’ll make sure we have plenty of firewood to get us through the trip, have big fires and make plenty of smores. We’ll also make sure the Red Rider BB Guns, the Tomahawks’ and the Cornhole is packed and ready to go. After a good days ride and some time by the lake, we’ll inevitably need to apply our compulsive competitive behavior to a friendly game of medieval weaponry. GAME ON!


We partner with a number of Oregon’s Top Chefs to provide you with an incredible culinary experience throughout your trip. Carnivorous, Vegetarian and Vegan menus are available. Each morning you’ll wake up to a hot or cold breakfast of your choice. Lunch and Snacks are prepared for you to take on your ride each day. After a good day of riding the bike, we’ll sit down by the table to eat a well prepared meal with each other. The menu also includes beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages to quench your thirst. We want to get this right, so please let us know what you’d like to see so we can make it happen.


Coffee and Tea
Cold: Yogurt, Assorted Fruit, Granola
Hot: Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes, Fruit

Sandwiches, Cookies, Snacks, Fruit

Appetizer, Main Course, Salad, sides and desert. This is a collaborative menu, so if anyone in your group has eating preferences, make sure we know about them so we can accommodate.

CLIF Bar and Trail Snacks are also included.


Our History

with Bellingham

Being a lifer in the Bicycle industry, a lot of our friends live in this town. You’ll find a large swath of Bike Industry Brands and athletes who live in this town, paired with a talented local riding community, this blend has created a progression to riding and trail building seen in very few places around the world. We’ve spent some time riding here, the combination of the Trails, the town, and the neighboring San Juan Islands gives us a lot of options to stay entertained. If you haven’t ridden here, you need to put it on your list, as this is not a trip you want to miss.


38° Humidity:51% Clouds:8% Wind (W):4mph clear sky
Monday, 01/24 39°FTuesday, 01/25 47°FWednesday, 01/26 47°FThursday, 01/27 51°FFriday, 01/28 51°F