Ride Overview

Come along for an incredible backcountry adventure few people find when traveling to Oakridge. Grasshopper: This trail demands respect. Only 11 miles?  It’s  a Grasshopper 11!  Your ride begins with a big uplift to the start of your day. Empty your bottles and hydration packs, as you’ll have the opportunity to fill up with Fresh Spring Water, straight from the source. Now get going, Grasshopper Mountain Trail travels east for about 11 miles through the Chucksney Mountain Roadless Recreation Area, our version of Mountain Biking Wilderness. Grasshopper follows the ridgeline, through huge meadows, jagged mountain tops, following some of the most primitive single track found in Oregon. This ride ends with a huge decent down to the valley floor cashing in a glorious 3,500’ feet. Is that it? Nope, we hop back in the van and shuttle to Windy Pass to capture a good chunk of Alpine trail that will lead you right back to where you started for some cold beers. If you haven’t ridden here, consider it, it’s a side of Oakridge worth seeing!

7/16 and 10/8
1 Day Guided Trip


Per Person / Per Day


(per day)

Ascent: 3,000’
Decent: 7,400’
Mileage: 20 Miles

Day Trip Includes:

  • Professional Guides
  • Shuttles/Transportation
  • A Mountain Bike Adventure

Meeting Spot 

Westfir, OR : Trans Cascadia Excursions HQ
Shuttle Departure : 9:30 AM
Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Our History

with Grasshopper

This trail was in a very raw state, not built for the mountain bike, but built for Transportation for humans and animals to travel efficiently through the mountains. The core hiking community and locals knew about this place, we’ve heard some call this place Big Buck Ridge.   We caught word from the local USFS Trails Manager that this could be a great project and a great ride for us to help reopen.  I’m glad we listened to him, for some of us, this is our favorite trail in the entire forest.  Over 2 Years of work for us with ongoing maintenance today, and many more years from the local community and the Forest Service who’ve all applied a significant effort to get the trail open and maintain it to where it is today.  This trail resides in a Roadless Area, which means less impact from humans and closer to nature.  It’s a real adventure and a real treat to be able to set two tires on these trails.  Come on out and share this adventure with us, it’s definitely one you won’t forget.


36° Humidity:41% Clouds:75% Wind (W):6mph broken clouds
Saturday, 12/02 27°FSunday, 12/03 29°FMonday, 12/04 34°FTuesday, 12/05 41°FWednesday, 12/06 38°F