Ride Overview

This is a great day of riding on the southern portion of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. We’ll rendezvous in the morning in Randall, before being dropped off at Council Lake, a pristine little lake, saphire in color, tucked right into the mountain landscape. We have a little climb before our first descent, but with fresh legs and a positive attitude, it’s a nice warm up for the day. We’ll crest Council Bluff, where we’ll find our first of 3 massive descents for the day.

Part 1: Council Lake to Table Mountain. The shortest of our 3 descents on the day, from Council Bluff we’ll descend for 10-20 mins before we hit a saddle, our low point on the descent. From here, we have about an hour of sweet ridge riding and traversing as we make our way across the boundary trail over to Table Mountain.

Part 2: Table Mountain. A huge decent from the top of the ridge right down to the valley bottom. You’ll descend by several ponds and ride through several meadows, and absolute beauty of a trail with the best single view of Mount Adams. There is a lot of opportunity to get creative on this trail, a lot of line selection and some really fun trail features to play on. We’ll hit the bottom, where our ride will be waiting for us with our cooler of goodies and pointed in the direction of our 3rd and final decent of the day.

Part 3: Summit Prarie. When we first saw this trail we were blown away with by how long it was and how over time weather and the riding has molded the trail into something special. We get a bump back up near the top, add a little 20 min climb to get where we want, and we’re close to the top of Summit Prarie. If we can make it to the ridge top, meadows reward you with views into the expansive tree-lined valleys of Quartz and French Creeks. The horizon holds snowcapped volcanoes and high open ridges of the Dark Divide. As we near the top we’ll pass by remains of the Summit Prairie fire lookout built in 1929-1930. The lookout was abandoned in the 1960s, but if you use your imagination you can visualize what it must have been like to be a fireguard at this remote location. At the top, a small prairie opens where domestic sheep herds and Forest Service pack stock once grazed in the summer months. A really unique place that we now get to enjoy on our mountain bikes!

8/22 and 10/3
1 Day Guided Trip


Per Person / Per Day
13 Person Max


(per day)

Ascent: 3,500’
Decent: 9,000’
Estimated Mileage: 20 + Miles

Day Trip Includes:

  • Professional Guides
  • Shuttles/Transportation
  • A Mountain Bike Adventure

Meeting Spot

Randle, WA : Bear Country Espresso
Shuttle Departure : 9:30 AM
Please arrive 15 minutes early.
Hood River Riders : Inquire about shorter drive option

Our History

with the Lewis River Drainage

This was a huge project during the summer of 2018. Over 3000 hours of volunteer labor that uncovered 52 miles of newly logged out and brushed out backcountry singletrack. Our friends at Santa Cruz Bicycles come up at least once a year to attend a 4 day work party to help the cause and throw a shovel in the dirt. They wrote about their experience attending this year’s work party along with some great photos that highlight the area. Click here for the full details.

Lewis River Drainage

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