Ride Overview

And on the 6th day, God created Timpanogas, for Mountain Bikers.  And this trip, is for Ladies only; guided by, shuttled by, instructed by, and cooked by some of the most inspirational and talented ladies in the PNW.  As you enter the campground you enter an alternate world that doesn’t exist on the planet earth.  Built for Mountain Biking and the lover of outdoors, Lake Timpanogas offers high alpine lakes, mountain top views, perfect dirt, and some of the lowest light pollution in the Unites States.  Enjoy yourself and know you’re one of few who will have the chance to ride here this summer. Timpanogas is logged out sometime in August, and snow is likely to fall at the beginning of October.  Our window is short.  It’s an incredible place to spend 3 days this summer riding your bike, swimming in the lake, sitting around big campfires and kicking back so you can enjoy this slice of nature we call Timpanogas.   


Distance (per day)

Ascent: 2,000’
Decent: 4,000’
Estimated Mileage: 15 

Distance Per Day is estimated

3 Day Trip Includes:
    • Professionally guided tour of remote single track
    • Professional YOGA instruction daily
    • Shuttles and Transportation
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner each Day
    • What we think is a pretty good time riding your bike in the woods
    • Tent and Sleeping Pad
    • CLIF Bar Trail Snacks
    • Beer/Wine, Lacroix and other tasty beverages
    • Campfires
Ride Date:
August 16th, 17th and 18th
3 Day Guided Trip


per person

Recommended Packing List

Upgrades: Van Camping 
$100 Per Day / Hired Driver 
Food and Camping Details

Driving from Portland or Seattle:

Shuttle Departure: Friday, August 17 th at 10AM

Meeting Spot:  West Fir Lodge

Need a Ride from Portland?

Shuttle Departure: 7AM on Friday August 17 th

Meeting Spot:  Meet at 5830 N Commercial Ave at 6:45 AM. You’ll be leaving your car in a safe, NE Portland neighborhood. To be safe, we recommend you leave your car empty of valuables while you’re on your trip.

Timpanogas, OR

Monday 49°FTuesday 37°FWednesday 37°FThursday 34°FFriday 39°F


Ride Overview.

Friday, August 17th – This day includes a proper exploration of the Timpanogas Lake area trails.  We start by climbing up to Indigo Lake, which is named after its deep blue color and lies nestled below Sawtooth Mountain which is your eventual peak out at 7,200’.   A unique vantage point with huge views of Diamond Peak and a huge panorama of the Southern Part of the Willamette National Forest, only few see.    From here you dine on a buffet of loam as you circumnavigate the mountain.  The single track here is old school, built by hand by a generation who lived outdoors and worked hard.  The gradients reflect an old school philosophy that lends well to your ability to skate down the mountain on some playfully steep terrain.  After a day of riding, we’ll have time to relax by the lake, drink some beers, and eat a whole lot of well prepared food throughout the night.  If we have clear skies, the nighttime astronomy is a real treat.

Saturday, August 18th – A breakfast fire, a hearty meal, and a relaxed start and we’ll eventually begin our ride with a big climb back up to the top of Sawtooth, so we can enjoy one last big descent.  We save the best for last, this is arguably the best descent off the mountain.  We’ll cruise back through camp and eventually make our way down and out of the Timpanogas trail network as we descend our way to the bottom of the watershed.   Your environment is full or Rhododendrons, Huge Old Growth trees, mature roots, the sound of flowing water and the perfect soil.  Don’t forget, you’re in a rain forest and the scenery this time of the year is near perfection.  Soak it in and enjoy the end of this trail as we make our way to the Trans-Cascadia van for our next shuttle.   Once we reach our shuttle, grab some food and cold drinks, we’ll load up and drive to the top of our final descent of the day, a 3K paycheck that is sure to leave you smiling.  COPY/PASTE the evening before as we swap stories of the incredible day of riding we just had.

Sunday, August 19th –  A solid coffee session followed by a good breakfast, we’ll eventually hop in the van and shuttle to our first trail of the day.  Our day will be a sampling of the best trails Oakridge has to offer.  Post ride we have the chance to dunk in the river and plenty of time to get you back to town to catch some of Jeff Lee’s Chinse cuisine before you hit the road.  “LOVE LIFE!“ Jeff Lee