Oakridge, OR

Where to CAMP?


Organized USFS Campgroud:

Black Canyon – 7 Miles West of Town towrds Eugene.  On the River.

Salmon Creek Falls Campground – 5 Miles from Uptown Oakridge.  On the River.

Packard Creek Campground.  South of Town, 15-20 mins on the Resevoir

Any of the campgrounds south of Hillscreek Resevoir are sweet, and low usage.  You’re just far from town :).


Casey’s near Westfir


Road 19 (Aufterhyde) , just down from our Headquarters has many pullouts alongside the road.

Larison Rock Road – The Road to get up to Larison Rock has many pullouts alongside the road.

Deception Creek Road just west of the Middle Fork Ranger District Office.

The Campground Project 

At this time our Campground project is on hold.  In late 2023, Westfir City Council made a choice to not support nessisary modifications to our plan and to our timeline.  Our primary investor has made the choice to not move forward with the project.  As of Jan 2024, the project property is for sale.   We still have all of our plans, pro formas, arhictectural, electical, septic, and every other detail in place to build this project.  We know this can work, but it requires a hell of a lot of endurance and a shit ton of passion.  If you want a look at the details of the plan and the financial modeling, give us a shout.

Trans Cascadia Excursions, our side of the equation, is doing great and business is charging forward!  2024 is going to be a great year for riding, we’ll continue with Daily Shuttles in our Westfir Location, and have our Day Trips Scheduled throughout the season where you have the chance to ride some of the PNW EPICS throughout the heart of the Cascade Mtn Range in Oregon and Washington.  Thanks for tuning in, we apprecaiete your support and look forward to seeiing you this season!