Ride Overview

Embark on a Thrilling Adventure in the Chelan Mountain Range

Unveil the hidden gem of the Chelan Mountain Range, a well-kept secret nestled near Lake Chelan on the Eastside of the Cascade Range. Join us for a day of exhilarating mountain biking as we explore the rugged trails and stunning landscapes of this unique area.

Starting Point: Meet at Silver Falls Trailhead and hop into our shuttle van for a scenic drive to our first uplift at East Canyon Trail near Takhlakh Lake.

Trail Selection: Enjoy sampling two out of the incredible trails in the network, such as Pyramid Mountain, Lake Creek, Angle Peak, and Four Mile, totaling over 10,000 feet of mountain bike descending.

Dynamic Route: The specific trails we ride will be determined on the day based on trail conditions and what offers the best riding experience.

Angle Peak Descent: Begin with a shuttle ride to the top for a thrilling descent down Angle Peak, followed by refreshments and lunch.

Pyramid Mountain Adventure: After lunch, embark on a shuttle to the top for a high-elevation ride down Pyramid Mountain, with an optional hike-a-bike to the peak for breathtaking views.

Magnificent Descent: Enjoy a rewarding descent back to the van, covering over 6,000 feet of elevation, and conclude an unforgettable day on the bike.

Trip Details:

  • Duration: 10 hours pick up to drop off
  • Trail Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.
  • Recommended for: Adventurous riders seeking a unique mountain biking experience in the Northern Cascades Zone. Experience arguably the best mountain biking in the State of Washington with this exciting ride!
7/27, 9/28
1 Day Guided Trip


Per Person / Per Day


(per day)

Ascent: 3,500’
Decent: 11,000’
Mileage: 22

Day Trip Includes:

  • Professionally guided tour of remote single track
  • Shuttles


We always have another ride on the weekend that pairs well this this ride.  We will be riding the opposite side of the Chelan Mountain Drainage we call Chelan Mountains N Aspect.  Consider pairing Chelan North and South for a complete weekend!

Meeting Spot 

Silver Falls Trailhead outside Ardenvoir, Washington.  Detailed instructions will be email to you upon booking.

Shuttle Departure : 9:00 AM

Please arrive 15 minutes early.

CELL PHONES:  DO NOT WORK HERE, Have an offline MAP available for reference. 


Ride Description

The Chelan Mountain Range, who knew?  If you haven’t heard about this place, you’ve stumbled upon one of Washington’s best kept secrets.  Located near Lake Chelan, this network lies on Eastside of the Cascade Range and has a high desert rocky trail character.  This ride tours the South side of the Chelan Mountains, with a great shuttle road we can utilize to get ourselves deep into the backcoutntry.   We’ll meet at Silver Falls Trailhead where we’ll all hop in the shuttle van for our first uplift, and the same uplift we’ll do 2 times on the day.  We offer in the title of this ride Trail names like Pyramid Mountain, Lake Creek, Angle Peak and Four Mile.  All incredible trails that lie within this network.  We’ll be able to sample 2 on the day with well over 10K of mountain bike descending!   Which two you ask?  We keep you guessing until the day of your ride and we base it off trail conditions and what is running the best.  We hope to start you on a shuttle ride to the top for a nice descent down Angle Peak, a little 5K downhill that land us back near our shuttle meeting location.  From here, we’ll grab some refreshments and lunch and hop back in the van for a ride all the way back up to the top.  This time, we will head to Pyramid Mountain, one of the highest elevation rides you can do on your mountain bike in the PNW.  For those who want to see the peak of Pyramid, we’ll continue uphill to the top, another 1,500 foot hike a bike.   We’ll worth the expansive views and a closer look at the magnitude of the glacial movement that carved the unique landscape we’re riding in.  From here, we’ll descend all the way back down, just over 6,000 feet to be exact, to our van and the end of a great day on the bike.  It’s hard to show the excitement we have for this area in a ride description.  All we can say is this Northern Cascades Zone we have unlocked offers arguably the best mountain biking in the State of Washington!  It’s such a unique landscape and a great compliment to the vegetative west side of the Cascades.     If you haven’t heard of this place, and you find your self reading these words, do yourself a favor and sign up for this great day on the bike.

Chelan Mountains

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