Ride Overview

Embark on an Epic Journey through the Southern Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Experience the thrill of exploring the diverse landscapes of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, starting from the rendezvous point off the 90 road near Lewis River. Get ready for a day filled with massive shuttles and unforgettable descents as we delve into this spectacular drainage.

Meeting Point: Gather in the morning near Lewis River, where we’ll load up our bikes and gear for an adventure-packed day.

Shuttle Exploration: Embark on a series of shuttle rides to explore three incredible descents within the drainage, choosing the best options based on trail and road conditions.

Option 1: Summit Prairie: Begin with a bump to near the top, followed by a short climb/hike to reach the ridge top. Enjoy breathtaking views of expansive valleys and snow-capped volcanoes before descending through sweeping corners and natural features reminiscent of a world cup downhill track.

Option 2: Wright Meadow: After a gravel shuttle uplift to Craggy Peak, ride a solid portion of Craggy Peak trail before transitioning seamlessly into Wright Meadow Trail. Experience a thrilling descent on wide trails with natural features, laughter, and plenty of “Just Pull Up” moments.

Option 3: Table Mountain: For those seeking more adventure, opt for a third descent on Table Mountain. Enjoy stunning views of Mount Adams as you ride through meadows and descend by several ponds, adding a couple more thousand feet of descending to your memorable day.

Cooler Breaks: Refuel and recharge at the bottom of each descent, where our ride awaits with coolers stocked with goodies and stories to share.

Trip Details:

  • Duration: 10 hours pick up to drop off
  • Trail Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced.
  • Recommended for: Adventurous riders seeking thrilling descents and breathtaking scenery in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.
1 Day Guided Trip


Per Person / Per Day


(per day)

Ascent: 2,500’
Decent: 9,000’
Estimated Mileage: 20 + Miles

Day Trip Includes:

  • Professional Guides
  • Shuttles/Transportation
  • A Mountain Bike Adventure


Pair this with Dark Divide or Strawberry Mountain to make it a full riding weekend.

Click Here to Book Strawberry Mountain

Meeting Spot 

Near Twin Falls Campground off the 90 Road.  About 1 hour north of Trout lake.  Detailed instructions on our meeting spot will be send in your confirmation.

Shuttle Departure : 9:00 AM

Please arrive 15 minutes early. Hey

CELL PHONES:  DO NOT WORK HERE, Have an offline MAP available for reference. 

MAP: 822 :: Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams [Gifford Pinchot National Forest]


Ride Description

This is a great day of riding on the southern portion of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. We’ll rendezvous in the morning off of the 90 road, adjacent to Lewis River.  We’ll load up our bikes and gear, and hit the road for a massive shuttle day exploring a diverse drainage full of all sorts of sweet trails.  Let’s break this down!  

There are 3 great descents along the Drainage we can explore, we’ll have time to explore 2 of them.  We end up running the best version of the day based on trail and road conditions.  The Gifford Pinchot is notorious for having devastating winters, huge landslides and road washouts.  Nothing is for sure in this place, and that’s why we like it.  Here’s what we can tell you, we will definitely put together a memorable day for you on the bike!

Option 1: Summit Prarie.  We get a bump to near the top, from the car add a little 20 min climb/hike a bike to get to our intersection where we traverse to our high point and beginning of our descent.  If we can make it to the ridge top, meadows reward you with views into the expansive tree-lined valleys of Quartz and French Creeks. The horizon holds snowcapped volcanoes and high open ridges of the Dark Divide.  Once we point it downhill, all eyes on trail!  This reminds us of a world cup downhill track with wide sweeping corners, roots and little natural stepdowns as a result of water flowing through and sifting the earth.  We follow the flow of water all the way back down to our shuttle rig, our coolers and beverages await.  Grab a bite and something to drink, off to round 2!  

Option 2: Wright Meadow.  We’ll make our way down the 90 and eventually to our shuttle road spur.  We’ll pound the gravel for another 45 minute shuttle uplift to a point on Craggy Peak, just above Wright Meadow Trail.  We’ll hop on our bikes for a bonus descent on a solid portion of Craggy Peak trail and run this right into Wright Meadow Trail.  Wright is a great decent with wide trail, full of natural features and variety on perfect grade.  Thousands of Feet down, we ride, laugh and “Just Pull Up” all the way down.  Our rig will be waiting at the bottom with an onramp back into the time machine and onto….

Option 3: We’ll make our way back east on the 90 and for those riders who’ve had enough for the day, can sneak off the bus for an early drop at their car.  For those eager, our third and final descent awaits; Table Mountain. We’ll get another bump to the top of the ridge and the beginning of our descent.  On our way down we’ll descend by several ponds and ride through several meadows, another absolute beauty of a trail that includes the best single view of Mount Adams. Enjoy the ride down and seal the deal with our third and final descent.  Add a couple more thousand feet of descending to your Trans Cascadia Excursions Piggy Bank, I dare you to not smile when you’re done with this day.  Our ride will be waiting for us at the bottom with our cooler of goodies and some stories to share on the day.  What a ride, we’ll see you this summer!

Lewis River Drainage

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